Two Feet Consulting is a tourism product development and cultural and heritage consultancy service, born from experiences gained creating and operating multi award-winning walking tours nationally, over the past decade. The business focuses on identifying the cultural and heritage significance of destinations and communicating it to a broad audience, using a range of engaging tactics and techniques.
We contract to Local, State and Federal Government as well as private organisations to develop a range of services, including:
  • Tourism Product Development
  • Tourism Strategy Planning and Development
  • Interpretation
  • Guide Training
  • Heritage & Tourism Consulting
Two Feet is known for its accurate yet unique take on history including quirky and little known facts and stories.  Two Feet recognise that making people and places “come alive” is the best way to engage visitors. Two Feet has been highly awarded by both the tourism and heritage industries for its work and recognised with the following awards:
  • WA Tourism Awards Golf Medal - Excellence in Food Tourism 2018
  • WA Tourism Awards Hall of Fame Inductee  2014
  • WA Heritage Awards Gold Medal, 2012, 2013, 2014  (Excellence in Heritage Tourism)​
  • WA Tourism Awards FACET Golden Guide  2012 (Ryan Mossny)
  • WA Tourism Awards – Gold Medal 2011, 2012, 2013  (Heritage & Cultural Tourism)
  • WA Heritage Awards 2011  – Winner (Outstanding Newcomer)
  • Bankwest/6PR Successful Small Business Award 2011
  • WA Tourism Awards – Silver Medal 2010  (Heritage & Cultural Tourism)
  • City of Perth Heritage Award 2008, 2010 & 2012
  • WA Tourism Awards - Bronze Medal 2008  (New Tourism Development)
Ryan Mossny
Co-founder and Project Manager
Ryan Zaknich
Co-founder and Project Manager

Ryan Zaknich's knowledge, understanding and passion for urbanism, planning matters, history, walkability and interpretation methods has established me as a subject specialist.


His award winning initiatives in the tourism sector has been a springboard for my consultancy services nationally. Clients include local, state and federal government authorities as well as private organisations across tourism, urban planning and heritage projects.


Services include:


- Walkability studies

- Tourism product development

- Trails

- Space activation

- Interpretation plans

- Tourism strategies

- Heritage assessments


Ryan has  always been interested in history, geography, culture and travel, which has underpinned his passion for tourism and conservation of both the natural and built environment.


After spending nearly a decade implementing the Perth Metropolitan Region Scheme (the legislation in operation since 1963, which dictates how Perth will grow), he decided to have a career focusing on urbanism and sustainable approaches to city development. His understanding of urbanism was nurtured at the Western Australian Planning Commission with the experience and knowledge gained proving extremely valuable.


As a co-founder of the multi award winning tourism business Two Feet & a Heartbeat Walking Tours, he can practically apply the principals of urbanism to create appropriate walkable environments that allow people to flow through cities. It was the merging of the knowledge gained from these very different careers that gives me a unique skillset across walkability, heritage, tourism and urbanism.  


His formal qualifications include:


- Conservation and Land Management

- Tourism

- Training and Assessment

Other positions held:

Museum of Perth – Board of Directors (2015 - )

Fremantle Tourism Association – Chairman (2013 – 2015)

Co-founder of Two Feet & a Heartbeat, his specialties include tourism product development, product planning, heritage/historical/cultural interpretation, tour guide training, financial sourcing/management, place making and grant application management.  He provides these services to tourism organisations, governments and individuals. 

Ryan grew up and was formally educated in Canada and attended the University of Saskatchewan studying Chemistry and Commerce.  After completing school, Ryan worked for a number of multinational organisations in both science and business related fields. 

In 2001 he embarked on an around the world journey that would cement his passion for travel, tourism, heritage and culture. It was at this point he arrived in London and took up a position in the strategy department at Transport for London (TFL).  

Ryan was involved in the rollout of SAP and coordinated the user forums that brought together various internal and external stakeholders.  He also worked on projects related to the implementation of central London’s congestion charging and the overhaul and standarisation of the procurement function at TFL. 

Since migrating to Australia in 2004, Ryan worked again with multinational businesses including Exxon Mobil, Fuji Xerox and JVC consumer electronics providing a range of services including information management, sales & business development as well as product development and planning.


In 2007, he co-founded Two Feet & a Heartbeat, an organisation dedicated to interpreting history, heritage and culture.  

Ryan is recognised as leader in the tourism and heritage fields having received both individual and business awards including:


  • 2012 Golden Guide Winner

  • 2012 Runner up Curtin Growth Entrepreneur Award

  • 2015 Winner of 40under40

Other positions held: 

Chair - FACET - Forum Advocating Cultural & Eco-Tourism (2017 - ) 
Museum of Perth – Board of Directors (2015 - ) 
Perth Convention Bureau – Board of Directors (2012 – 2014)